2021.01: schönes Bereicht

Unsere Pinots sind verkostet und wunderschön beschrieben in Jancis Robinson’s Purplepages:

Petite Chapelle Pinot Noir 2017 mit 18,5 Punkte
Pinot Noir 2017 SR mit 18 Punkte
und Pinot Noir mit dem Dachs (unsere Dachsberg) 17 Punkte.

Wir sind ganz stolz auf unsere Pinots!


We hope you’ll enjoy reading ‚German 2020 releases – Baden Landweine‚ written by Michael Schmidt.

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Bereicht in Meiningers Sommelier 03-2020

… „An Grau- und Weißburgunder führt am Tuniberg kein vorbei, doch Klaus Vorgrimmler meistert den Spagat zwischen Individualität und Verständlichkeit problemlos. Sein Grauburgunder aus 2019….. lesen Sie weiter in „Weiss & Nonkonform“ Artikkel von Christioph Nicklas und Sascha Speicher

Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler was featured in a wine magazine in Sweden

You will never guess…

Think you have seen everything? Think that all wineries are basic and out of ideas? Well figure, we have been chosen to participate in a project that never existed before, #WineTourism.

Our history, our wines, our vineyards and our way of work, nothing will be a secret to you! Come and visit our winery and we will show you a great time. In addition, you will taste some of our best wines.

And there is more! Have a look at this article, Baden – Vinregionen nära Svartskogen – Din insider guide till de bästa vingårdarna published in the popular Swedish wine magazine, VinJournalen.se. This magazine is one of the best to be informed on the last original food and wine pairing, the popular wines in the Swedish market and also learn about the world’s grape varieties on a weekly basis.

We are not just a winery with a small identity but are a part of the greater Baden and we are proud to represent this wine region. If you are curious to know more about Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler, do check our winery profile on winetourism.com.

We offer exciting activities for everyone when visiting our winery and you can check them out now on our experience page, Vineyard Tour and Tasting at Weingut Klaus Vorgrimmler. During your free time, read the itinerary and follow the map to come and meet us.

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Be special, be a leader and if you are a wine lover, visit and let’s enjoy our common passion together. Let’s taste some amazing wines!

2020.02 Vinum

Danke für den tollen Bericht im Vinum Magazin, besonders Sigi Hiss, super Text und Regie und David Weimann, Fotograf.

Spätburgunder 2015 & Chardonnay 2018 - Vorgrimmler in Vinum Magazine
Spätburgunder 2015 & Chardonnay 2018 – Vorgrimmler in Vinum Magazine

Tuniberg noch mal auf der Karte 🙂 Lesen Sie mehr in Vinum Magazin – 2020 1/2 – jetzt in jeder gute Laden zu finden.