About us and our wine- Vorgrimmler


Our Wineyard
– can be found at the southern tip of Tuniberg, which stands out from the Rhine plane near Freiburg, Baden, south Germany.
Primarily, the Burgundy grapes thrive in our sun-exposed vineyards; these are the White (Pinot Blanc/Weissburgunder), Grey (Pinot Gris/ Grauburgunder) and Red (Pinot Noir/Spätburgunder) grapes as well as Chardonnay. Our wines have individuality, strength and are sophisticated given to the fruitful and warming loess soil.

Our way to the wine
“It is over 30 years ago that I started to intensely reflect outside the well-worn paths of my colleagues, with the play of elements in the vineyard: the combination of Man, Nature and spirit. At this time alternative farming was a very high risk partially because there was no prior knowledge and the possibilities must first be explored and worked through. There was no scientific or academic support, which, now a day thankfully exist and is standard in organic winemaking. I had sleepless nights at the beginning of the changeover. When I look back now, a satisfied smile grows across my face when I think of these adventurous and wild years.”

Winemaking today
“I see the soil as the most important foundation of my work. The vines are connected to the soil through their roots, which give them stability. Many organisms live in and with the soil; the plants protect this sensitive surface from erosion and the strong solar radiation.”

Through sowing of soil strengthening plants, like alfalfa, buckwheat, and various clover species, complemented by special local herbs, it is easy for the vines to enter a symbiotic relationship with the lively and rich soil. They can choose their target nutrients to maintain their vitality. Eminently, to allow these prevailing cultivated plants to thrive, much care and handcraft is necessary during the summer months. Starting with careful and targeted work with the foliage (leaves), which create the optimal microclimate for the vines, accompanied by the healthiness ensured from the use of different tees

Our Wine
-is made in the vineyard. The healthiness and ripeness of the grapes are the two most important factors for our grapes, which later is reflected in the quality of the wine. All of our grapes are hand selected and harvested by hand. Our work in the cellar is very simple, no ‘beauty’ products or animal based helpers are used.

Our red wines come to life through the classical open must fermentation and the second fermentation takes place in Barriques (220l.)

We thrive for a consistent dry wine style.

Klaus and Maj Britt Vorgrimmler
Freiburg-Munzingen, Germany